Sunday, August 17, 2008


Welcome to the new West Paris Universalist Church blog.


seev said...

Hi Jim,

Great you've got this website started!


seev said...

Hey, it's mid-afternoon and no thunderstorm yet! Will wonders never cease!

Jim Burke said...

Thanks, Marde, for the test of this blog. :) I just got back from my brother's camp a worthley pond . . gave the dog some exercise fetching a tennis ball in the lake. Odd . . . when I left West Paris was quite windy out. . . was hoping to fly my box kite at the lake, but there was no wind there. Return to West Paris and there is still a stiff wind. Only 20 miles apart . . go figure.


seev said...

Glad I could test it, Jim. Wow, the weather is weird, isn't it! Windy one place, not windy someplace else, but today we got by without a thunderstorm. That's something. :-)